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The Finance Department handles the state budgeting and expenditure control. The main function of the Finance Department is management of State Finances. It is responsible for proper deployment of State’s Finances and ensures maintenance of accounts of all the financial transactions. It also acts as an advisory department. It advises other Departments of Secretariat in matters relating to financial rules, pension rules, fundamental rules, financial procedures and the application of principles of sound and prudent financial management. The Finance Department is also responsible for the administration of the fiscal policy of the State. The main responsibilities of the Finance Department are:
  • Goal-Setting and Planning
  • Regulate flow of funds to various departments through budgeting
  • Recruit/ hire personnel Release funds to various departments based on the requirements and budget provisions
  • Monitor funds utilization


To facilitate development and inclusive growth for AP through prudent and progressive financial management
  • Improve State’s Financial Management System continuously, and position AP as a benchmark in Financial Discipline, Fiscal Management, etc
  • To ensure responsive and citizen oriented systems to serve people as well as the direct stakeholders such as tax dealers, employees, pensioners etc
  • To develop efficient and transparent system for enabling financial transactions/ functions of different Government bodies using technological interventions
The Department of Finance, Government of AP plays a pivotal role in the development of the state by providing sound and efficient finance management system for good governance .The Department is mainly concerned with the matters of taxation that are under the purview of the state governments, financial matters, regulation of financial institutions created by Government of AP and the preparation of the state government budget. The main aim of the Department of Finance is to create and sustain a framework that contributes to prudent fiscal management and thereby ensures fiscal stability. The approach of the Finance department revolves around optimum utilization of resources, elimination of revenue deficit, enabling sustainable debt management and ensuring greater transparency in the financial operations of the Government of AP. The fiscal framework created in such a manner contributes to sound public finances, enabling the state government to contribute to the public welfare by financing greater number of schemes with higher availability of resources.

The main function of the Finance Department is management of State Finances. The Department is headed by the Principal Finance Secretary and he is assisted by the following Officers.

  • Secretary to Government
  • Spl. Secretary to Government (IF)
  • One Additional/ Joint Secretary to Government (cadre)
  • One Advisor
  • One Additional Secretary to Government (Non- cadre)
  • Two Joint Secretaries to Government (Non-cadre)
  • Two Deputy Secretaries to Government (Non-cadre)
  • Eight Assistant Secretaries to Government
  • One Assistant Director (IT)
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Commissioner of Small Savings & State Lotteries
Finance Department
AP State Audit Department.
Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts
Director of Insurance
Director of State Audit
Directorate of Works Accounts