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The Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies Department is part of the Ex.Officio System at the A.P. Secretariat.The Ex.Officio Secretary to the Government is the Commissioner of Civil Supplies, and the Ex.Officio Joint Secretary to Government is the Director of Civil Supplies. The Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Andhra Pradesh is playing a vital role in promoting Consumer Affairs and in protecting the Consumer Rights in the State. The Department with a view to protect the rights of Consumers, to increase awareness among the consumers to enable them to protect themselves and safe guard the interest of consumers is focusing on various aspects. The policies and programmes have been designed on these lines. Measures have been taken to strengthen the consumer redressal mechanism, encouraging the participation of consumer voluntary organizations in strengthening the consumer movement in Andhra Pradesh.
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Commissioner of Civil Supplies
AP State Civil Supplies Corporation
Controller of Legal Metrology